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A Big Thank You from ViVo

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A Big Thank You From ViVo

Vivo would like to thank each client for their support, flexibility, and cooperation through the past months of quarantine and adjustments for us all to return safely back to the salon. Your generosity and kindness has been encouraging and inspiring to everyone who is a part of our family.

Rachel Day
As Stylist Rachel Day said, “We keep reminding ourselves at the salon that ‘It’s only temporary.’ The masks, the temperature checks, the constant sanitizing that runs me late—it’s only temporary. What I hope remains after things head toward normalcy is helping one another, paying it forward, the compassion and generosity. I’ve seen it all around the salon every day that I’ve been able to work. Things aren’t being taken for granted right now like they had been before, it’s a wonderful change of pace.”

From thank you cards, to snack baskets and flowers you have all shown what it means to rise up together.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you for being part of the solution, following protocol and respecting others by wearing a mask, and being gracious through the change of appointments. Thank you for trusting us to do the best we can to keep each client and staff member safe and healthy.

Lori Hill, ViVo Owner, also adds, “I love the adage, ‘You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.’ When it was time to go back to work, not one stylist complained or said they weren’t ready. When we learned what our new normal would be, nobody asked for a day off or said they couldn’t work under those conditions. It’s a testament to how much we love our craft and our clients. Some may think we are extreme in the protocol we are diligently following, but we are resolute in honoring the trust our clients place in us to keep them safe and healthy. We are all in this together, and I hope we are viewed as part of the solution.”

You are appreciated and we are so grateful for your loyalty and friendships.  We love you all!