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American Wave: June Service of the Month

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American Wave: June Service of the Month

This month, we’re featuring our American Wave service. When you book for June, take 20% off the entire service. We sat down with ViVo Senior Stylist, Kelsey Cowan, to get the lowdown on the American Wave, the process, and who would be the perfect candidate.

Tell me about the American wave. What is the process?
The American Wave is a texture service that creates or changes wave pattern in the hair. The process is similar to a standard perm but is much less harsh and damaging.

Who would be the perfect candidate for the American Wave?
Anyone who wants effortless beach waves, crazy curls, or anywhere in between. The American Wave is very versatile and can be used for so many different purposes!

Why do you think someone should get this style?
The American Wave is such a sought-after service because of its ability to create a natural flow and wave to many different types of hair. It’s great if you want more body, more definition to your waves, and effortless looking waves for your hair!

American Wave Samples
Talk to me about maintenance?
Maintenance is what you want it to be! Some waves last up to a year while some might need to be done again after 3-6 months. The waves dissipate slowly over time making it very easy to grow out or maintain.

Anything else to add?
Products are key to help your American Wave live its best life! Each person with the wave will do a little bit of troubleshooting to achieve the desired result and a concoction of products will do the trick. Depending on hair type a little Arrojo Curl Control (for frizz) here and Arrojo Curl Enhancement there will definitely help!