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Goldwell Engage: Our Trip to Nashville

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Goldwell Engage: Our Trip to Nashville

One of Vivo’s core values is education. It is at the root of everything we do and we are constantly in search of ways to build upon that foundation.  We were honored to be asked to be a part of Goldwell’s Engage class in Nashville, TN.  Stylist/owners Jennifer Christian and Chelsie Keller recently embarked on a three-day journey of “training the trainer.”  They learned to become better educators and presenters for the Vivo team.

Goldwell Engage Presenters
“This class pushed me further than I’ve ever been pushed. I hate public speaking and being the center of attention in any situation.  It makes my skin crawl,” explained Jennifer Christian. “I had to give a presentation each day and be recorded. I had to yell and do silly exercises in front of an entire room. It taught me so much. I didn’t die, and I’m so much better because of it. I’m ready to teach my team and be a stronger educator.”

Jennifer and Chelsie
“To connect with people in a way they can relate to us is everything we do every day — with clients, staff, family, and friends,” said Chelsie. “This class will change my way of communication for a lifetime. Everything about the class exceeded my expectations and inspired me on a multitude of levels.  I am humbled and so excited to bring the knowledge back so we can all grow.”

We look forward to watching our team succeed from this awesome opportunity and thank Goldwell for the amazing class!