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Promotion Announcement: Kelsey Cowan, Creative Director

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Promotion Annoucement: Kelsey Cowan, Creative Director

We are proud to announce that Kelsey Cowan, senior stylist, has been promoted recently to the role of Creative Director. “My role is to help expand assistants’ and stylists’ knowledge on creative techniques and trends in hair design. I’ll also be teaching a couple classes a year at Paul Mitchell The School, Springfield,” Kelsey explains.

For Kelsey, one of the things she enjoys most about teaching and educating other stylists is seeing them master a technique or learn a more efficient way of doing something. “Confidence behind the chair takes years but it does my heart good to know that, through additional education, a newer stylist can feel confident and prepared,” she says.

At ViVo, we strive to be educated and knowledgeable about upcoming trends in hairstyling. “It keeps us relevant and able to make valuable suggestions to our clients,” she explains.

When asked about upcoming styles, Kelsey says, “the shag is definitely making a comeback. Textured layers and curtain bangs will be big this year!”

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