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COVID-19 Update: September 3, 2020

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COVID Update September 3, 2020

A quick update to our clients, friends and family,

Despite our overwhelming efforts to keep Covid-19 at bay, it is with heavy hearts that we wish to inform you that more than one of our staff members have received positive test results. If you’ve been in the salon since we were allowed to re-open in early May, you know we have taken absolutely every possible precaution to keep this from happening. Along with strict adherence to all local and state mandates we have hired outside professional cleaners, vigilantly enforced masking and distancing protocol and scoured every inch of our salon multiple times a day. We have tried to go above and beyond every mandate and expectation possible to insure the health and safety of our staff, clients and community- that has truly been our focus. Yet, despite every conceivable effort over the past four months, we are now taking the pro-active step of closing the salon tomorrow in order to re-focus our efforts.

The health and well-being of those we love the most is absolutely paramount. We could have kept the salon open despite this recent turn of events yet, from the onset of Covid-19, our objective has been complete transparency and safety first. Our positive cases were 100% always masked at work. All clients that were in proximity to our positive cases have been contacted. All staff members have been tested and will not be allowed to come back to work until they have a negative test result.

Thankfully, our staff members that tested positive are resting comfortably at home and dealing with very minor symptoms. We sincerely apologize to those of you inconvenienced by our brief closure and please know we will accommodate you as soon as possible.  Our top priority is doing absolutely everything within our power to emphasize transparency, awareness, integrity and wellness within our business and community. Thank you for your cooperation, your trust and understanding.

We will see you soon- healthy, happy and ready to serve you as always!

Thank you for understanding,
The ViVo Team